After school and summer programs available!
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Pre-K Mathematics Workshopsladybug-math-mat-the-measured-mom

On-site, hands-on learning-through-play workshops conducted at local progressive preschool/daycare sites that are interested in improving their student performance in mathematics. If your students are not on grade-level in mathematics these workshops are for your center!

Pre-K Workshop Packages

  1. Workshop Package A – 3-month package for 1-hour
  2. Workshop Package B – 6-month package for 1-hour
  3. Workshop Package C – 12-month package for 1-hour

One-to-Four Tutoring Services

multi-es-colorfulHands-on tutoring sessions conducted at local sites for groups of a minimum of 4 students in grades Pre-K to 8 that are struggling to understand and apply mathematical concepts. If you are tired of your students saying they hate math or seeing failing grades – these tutoring sessions are necessary to increase student confidence in their ability to master and apply these concepts.

Tutoring Packages

A one-time payment for the assessment fee and a minimum 2-hour session is required for first-time students at the beginning of the tutoring contract.

  1. Tutoring Package A – 10 hrs
  2. Tutoring Package B – 15 hrs
  3. Tutoring Package C – 24 hrs

Adult Mathematics Workshopsalison_coursewareintro_709

Hands-on workshops for adults interested in improving their mathematics performance when taking college entrance/placement exams – (ACCUPLACER or COMPASS) to avoid having to take remedial (non-credit) college-level math courses. Struggling with multiplication tables, fractions, decimals, percent’s or algebra? These workshops are for you!

Adult Workshop Packages

  1. Adult Workshop Package A – 1 workshop (4 sessions @ 2-hrs)
  2. Adult Workshop Package B – 3 workshops (12 sessions @ 2-hrs)
  3. Adult Workshop Package C – 6 workshops (24 sessions @ 2-hrs)

educating-yourselfProfessional Development for Educators Workshops

Hands-on professional development mathematics workshops conducted by a college mathematics professor for educators interested in improving their understanding and teaching of concepts to improve student performance when teaching Pre-K to 8 mathematical subjects.  If you struggled while taking mathematics in college or tremble at the thought of having to teach mathematics to your students these workshops are for you.

Professional Development Workshop Packages

  1. Professional Development Package A – ½ Day (3 hrs)
  2. Professional Development Package B – Full Day (5 hrs)

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